Roadkill Ranch & Boutique!

Roadkill_Ranch_1This year marks the 21st birthday for Roadkill Ranch & Boutique. Although we started out in 1993 selling mostly vintage clothing and handmade jewelry, we’ve evolved into a lifestyle store that caters to niche markets. The original boutique side is still a destination spot for Indie and Bohemian styles, while the “Ranch” specializes in  ‘40s and ‘50s inspired clothing and accessories. Since we’ve been called the ultimate fashion playground for Rockabilly and Pin Up clientele, it made perfect sense to add Sourpuss to our mix. (And trust me, we are picky!) After UPS delivered the Sourpuss boxes, Sydney and I couldn’t wait to rip them open and see the merchandise. I had seen the samples while ordering, but Sydney hadn’t seen any of it. Needless to say, it was like Christmas morning.Everything she pulled from the boxes was followed by an “eww” and an “ahh”. Some pieces got an “OMG!” While others were deemed “Frickin’ Sick!” Roadkill_Ranch_2We were almost finished unwrapping everything, but decided to take another swoon break. We stared at the piles of fabulosity. (Is that even a word?) Amazing fabric, awesome prints, leopard and lace mixed with cherries and anchors surrounded us. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, out came the sea foam green, cropped cardigan with an embroidered pink flamingo! Roadkill_Ranch_3We were speechless. Well, not really, Sydney actually said, “I feel a photo shoot coming on!” And the rest is history. (Good thing we have a super model on staff.) I hope you like our little fashion shoot as much as we do. And now that we’re old enough to have a champagne toast, “Here’s to Sourpuss for creating great styles that fit perfectly in our store!” If you are in the neighborhood on Friday, May 9th, please stop by and celebrate our 21st birthday with us. There will be sweets and treats and yep, you guessed it, champagne toasts. Join us on Facebook under Roadkill Ranch Instagram @roadkill_ranch for store info and up-to-the-minute style! Cheers! Julie Rasmussen: Creative Director/ Buyer
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