Planning a Special Event? Create a Sourpuss Gift Registry!

Special_Events_1If you're planning a special event (wedding, birth, birthday party for yourself, taxidermy school graduation party, etc.) but don't want to register with the same ol' places everyone else does? Why not set up a sweet new gift registry with us! All you have to do is log in to your account ( don't have one? WHY NOT?!), and then click thru and add those must-haves from us to your list, and let your friends and family do our shopping for you! Special_Events_2aAnd why not add a few of these new favorites to your registry, while you're at it?! The new Steady Ella Skulls Dress is burning up our internets the last few days, and the Collectif Christina Purses will add to any classic pinup's wardrobe & handbag collection. Or maybe you're hunting for something a little...sharper? New Se7en Deadly gals T's & Hoodies will cut right to it. Finally, we have these new Valentines day cards. You have to see these cards. Get out of our dreams, and into our cards.
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