Blacktop Bettie Dixie Rebelle

Dixie_Rebelle_1 Rev up those engines and prepare to be put under a voodoo spell by the stunning Dixie Rebelle! This blacktop bettie has a passion for custom culture, and all things vintage! With hair so high, she can’t be ignored! When/how did you fall in love with the custom culture scene?    I've always loved the custom culture scene, the music, the cars, the fashion, but I finally emerged myself in it in 2006, and became a pinup model in 2007. What do you do when you’re not modeling?    For my day job, I'm a veterinary assistant, and when I'm at home, I like to sew, read and write articles for various custom culture magazines. Also, on the weekends I'm a Karaoke queen! I love to sing. Dixie_Rebelle_2 What's your favorite Hot Rod?    My favorite hot rod, would have to be my own 1951 Chevy pickup truck. It's still in the works, but when I get it on the road, it's going to be amazing! Fun fact about yourself that someone might not guess?    I love to watch cartoons, eat cookies, and play with my 16 cats. Most of them are feral backyard cats. That's right... I'm a crazy cat lady! Favorite Sourpuss item?    I love the Mojo Voodoo Dress I'm wearing in the pictures. I've gotten so many compliments in that dress! Want to see more Dixie? Check out her Website, Facebook, or follow her on Instagram @Dixie_Rebelle Dixie_Rebelle_3 What they’re wearing: Mojo Voodoo Dress, Voodoo Pom Pom Purse, Headhunters Barbershop Guys Tee Special guest appearance by: Headhunter Tiki Mugs Photos By:  Double 13 Photo
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