Uppercut Pomades Will Knock You Out.

Uppercut Pomade at SourpussOne of those 'key to being a modern dude' things that you can't really skip out on, is getting your haircut right.  Now, we're not here to say that you can't shave down that 'do on your own, but, if there's anything that feels like a real gentlemanly luxury it's going to get tightened up at a legit barber. Whether you're looking for a Hi and Tight or the always classic, contoured Executive, the key to keeping that 'do properly formed is a good pomade. We just got in a line from the fellas over at Uppercut, the preferred pomade of pugilists for keeping your style consistent, with different holds for whatever you're looking to do with that soon-to-be-tamed mop. Check them all out HERE.
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