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Baby_Bump_Promo This week we had a super fun Mom to be photo shoot with our own Jessie Sourpuss!! She had some great advice for other pregnant mamas, and we want to share! 1. What made you decide to wear Sourpuss and not normal "maternity" clothing? Have you seen the "maternity" clothing out there?!  There isn't much to choose from, plus it's really over priced!  Unless you're dressing up for the office everyday you've got slim pickin's.

2. What is your favorite Sourpuss item to wear since you've been pregnant?

The Vavavoom Dress in black for sure!  It has a flattering waistline with tons of room to grow in.  I will probably be able to wear this one all the way to the end!  Not only is this a great casual dress, you can dress it up and be comfortable if you need to go to a wedding or other event.

Runner up would be any of the Rosie dresses.  They're all super stretchy & just the right length.  This is another dress that is great for everyday wear and pairs great with flats, boots or whatever comfy pair of shoes you're livin' in these days.  For me it's boots & creepers. Baby_Bump_Promo_a
3. Have you had to make any size adjustments while wearing Sourpuss items?
I'm just about 30 weeks and still can fit into most, not all of my Sourpuss dresses, at my normal size.  I will probably have to set them aside at some point but I've been able to dress like myself pretty much the whole time.  I do have to mention the only non-maternity jeans I have been able to fit into are the Black Bettie Jeans.  They have a high waist and are super stretchy- the zipper may be a bit bothersome for some but you can take care of that by tucking in a cami or tank underneath.
4. Any advice for other moms to be out there on finding their unique baby bump style?
Just because you're expecting doesn't mean you have to lose your style. Leggings have become my best friend (vertical stripes are very slimming on the bottom, so have fun picking out different patterns) along with with longer tanks or tees- both of these things you can find in non-maternity stores for much less than you would pay in any of those boutique maternity stores.  Get creative- you probably have stuff in your closet you can work with! 5. What would you say to other moms to be about buying Sourpuss clothes while they're pregnant? Any tips on best items to buy first? We have so many tops & dresses that have tons of stretch that can accommodate growing bellies.  Don't think you just have to settle, make yourself feel good and buy yourself stuff you actually like! I would stay away from more structured dresses and tops.  For me personally, they make me look bigger than I actually am. Baby_Bump_Promo_b Here are just a few must haves…. -Vavavoom & Rosie Dresses- I mentioned these above and I will mention them again.  These are a must! -Studded Cardigan- Fall & Winter are approaching so layering will be key for you pregnant mamas.  This cardigan has a longer length and is perfect layered over a great fitting tee or tank. - Skull Cutout Leopard Dress- This is another dress I live in- It's super easy to wear and is super soft.  Pairs great with tights & boots too so you can wear this one as it gets cooler out. - Swallows Brodie Dress- lots of stretch & perfect length. - Graphic Tees & Tanks- Most of our tees & tanks have a flattering longer length so they're maternity friendly.   Thanks Jessie!! We can't wait to meet the newest member of the Sourpuss family! xoxoxo
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