Eat Your Heart Out!

Megs_Sugar_Skull_Mia_1 Buckle up and get ready to meet Meg! She’s a fun lovin’, gogo dancin’ model out of Salt Lake City! She recently took a little time out of her fun filled days to shoot in our Sugar Skull Mia Dress! How fabulous does she look!? Here’s a few teaser questions to get to know her a bit better: What's your favorite tattoo?   Either my sleeve or the bows on the backs of my thighs How did you get into modeling?  I started doing shoots as a gogo dancer & fell in love with being in front of the camera. So I started setting up more shoots & sending my pictures to different companies. It all just sort of happened from there :]] What's playing on your iPod now?  Sleeping with Sirens, Eyes Set to Kill Favorite way to relax/unwind?  Either a nice hot bubble bath or reading a good book. Cat or dog person? or other?  Both!! I absolutely love animals. I have 3 dogs & a cat. Don’t forget to check her out on Facebook and follow her on Instagram @megs_v2 and Twitter @megsv2 Photos by:  AdPhoto Design Megs_Sugar_Skull_Mia_2
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