Got Hips That Won't Quit?

Why not bust a move with some seriously bodacious hip huggers from Sourpuss!

Some of us 'gals' over at Sourpuss know what it’s like to have a little junk in our trunks! Really though, is there anything worse than wearing a pair of pants that fit too loose in the waist and too tight in the hips? Well don’t worry, we gotchya’ covered!

We make it our mission to keep lots of go-to styles on hand to keep your booty, bootilicious and your hips, swingtastic. Our Black Bettie Jeans are an office favorite! Their four way stretch keeps everything in it’s place and the rise of the jeans (at the natural waist) make for a seamless silhouette that keeps your patoot covered! Show off the various phases of the moon no more! jeansThe Dickies Girl Curvy 5 Pocket Skinny Jean is a basic wardrobe staple, perfect to dress up or down. These jeans will take you from Tootie Ramsey to Foxy Brown, all in a days work! Just enough stretch to make you feel hugged, without feeling strangled, these jeans look great with just about anything!

Are leggings more your thing?


Want to keep all your goodness under wraps when rocking a short skirt or dress? Pair some of our Capri leggings with your favorite Sourpuss Top, Dress, or Tunic! Nothing says “Golly Gee I’m cute” more than a dress and legging combo! You won't even need to exclaim it, your clothes will do all the talking for you!

 Check out these and more figure flattering styles here!

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