See Hattie in new Paperdoll

New items were added to the Sourpuss website this week including Paperdoll, Lucky 13 and Sullen. This weeks model is Hattie- you may recognize her from the recent Inked Magazine. Cute as can be you can read more about her below:

Meet Hattie Watson

  1. Favorite Food: Sauteed Spinach w/garlic and onions
  2. Favorite Sunday Activity: running through the woods, listening to music and burning sage/incenses
  3. Metal, Punk, Rap, Country: a little bit of everything. I'm very open to music and what moves me is what I listen to.
  4. What's your sign: Gemini
  5. Guilty Pleasure: watching videos of babies laughing
  6. What do you do first thing in the morning: I eat breakfast
  7. Job before modeling? I worked multiple minimum wage jobs. Auto Part store, hardware store, feed store, photography assistant, etc..
  8. Best modeling moment ever: Getting published in a magazine doing fashion work
  9. Favorite item on the Sourpuss website: Layla Rose Print Bikini
  10. Cheap Skate or Over Indulge: Cheap Skate
See more of Hattie at: Instagram: @hattiewatson Facebook: Website:
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