Hey, check out these books!

Nothin' wrong with kickin' back grabbing a good book while sipping' on some whiskey. It's actually one of my favorite things to do. Well lucky for you we now have a great selection of books to choose from.

Here are some of my faves…

•Tattoo Darling… The Art of Angelique Houtkamp: If you are unfamiliar then this is a great book to introduce you to this unique artist. Angelique is a Dutch tattooer who creates classic old school art with a twist of whimsy that will surely make you swoon. This book has 80 pages of full color reproductions, essays & commentary.

•Tattoo Mystique… The art and world of Angelique Houtkamp: If you fell in love with Angelique after checking out "Tattoo Darling" then you need to grab yourself a copy "Tattoo Mystique" as well. This second volume takes a peek into Angelique's personal collection, more full color reproductions & an interview with Angelique by Gemma Jones.

•A Drink with Shane MacGowan: I would have to say I would love to sit down and have a drink with Shane MacGowan, since that will never happen I just read this book. In this book MacGowan recounts his experiences growing up on a farm in Ireland, moving to London in the mid 70s along with many hilarious stories on a wide range of topics. Go ahead and pour yourself a drink!

•The Mammoth Book of Weird but True: This book is full of weird but true tales to fill your head with. I mean haven't you ever wondered about the man you held a funeral for his amputated foot or the woman who smuggled 75 live snakes in her underwear?

•Dirty Deeds My Life Inside/Outside of AC/DC
by Mark Evans- Mark was the bass player in the Bon Scott-led AC/DC. A revealing & honest book of the early struggles & strong personalities of the band. Fantastic read for any AC/DC fan.
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