Jessie's Top 5 Fave Shoes!

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Welcome to Jessie's Junk Drawer!
Every few weeks I'll be posting my favorite everythings and anythings here.

This week were going to start off with....Drum roll please....Shoes!!!

1.The Beast Booties- Okay I know these are a bit pricey but I'm so obsessed with them I had to mention them here! These boots by Irregular Choice are just amazing… period!

2.Bordello Black Glitter Heels-Bordello makes amazing heels and I adore these black glitter heels! Don't be afraid of the height on these heels either! The platform makes them super easy and comfortable to walk in.

3.Pinup Couture Glitter Heels Pink- Another all time favorite of mine are these heels from Pinup Couture. How could you say no to pink glittery vinyl heels?!?

4.Fred Perry Canvas Hi Tops- Lookin' for some new kicks? Then you need to check out these hi tops from Fred Perry. Love these!

5.TUK Leopard Print Boots
-Everyone needs a good pair of boots for the winter so why not check out these Leopard print boots from TUK!
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