Behind the Scenes at a Sourpuss Photoshoot!

So for our new Fall Catalog, we were lucky enough to have a photo shoot at the lovely Starlux boutique hotel in the always amazing Wildwood, NJ. While we were shooting the main images for the catalog, we also were documenting the behind the scenes elements of making the whole day happen!

The day started off not that promising, as it was pouring when we pulled up to the Starlux in Wildwood, and off-loaded all our gear and crew into the tiny Streamline we had rented for the shoot and prepped for hair and make-up artists to get to work.
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Once we got the space and our models all squared away, the shoot started, and our photos started coming together.
Once the rain started clearing, we were able to move our setup to the lobby area and continue shooting in there and around the huge swimming pool outdoors.
After spending about 10 hours prepping, setting up, and shooting in all of our latest awesome fall looks, we wrapped up the best way: kicking back with some refreshments and heading to the boardwalk!
See all of our newest, fall looks over at our site:

This whole day wouldn't have been possible without:
Photography: Liz Besasson
Hair & Makeup: Audrey Dwyer & Julie Jahn
Models: Lauren Mychal, Johanna Dee, Alexa Nicole, Sailor Mary, Bella Jade, & Katrina Terry.
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