New Sourpuss Bamboo handle purse & makup bags

You'll love these 2 designs and the style of this purse;
Measures 9" X 11" X 4" satin liner and inside pockets

Modeled by Mandi Malfunction-
Comes in your choice of Mon Cherie Amor or Lucky Cat Tattoo shop designs.
We also made matching make up cases

What's NEW this week?!

- New Sourpuss Whip Collection - Tattoo & Muerte print tank tops, dresses & skirts
- New Civilian Press, King Kerosin, Kreepsville & Steady tees
- New Lucky 13 summer gear including tees, tops & beaters
- New Iron Fist (limited edition) Zombie Stomper heels
- New Medusa's Makeup colored mascaras
- New Merc Harringtons
- New Attempt tops
- Restocked studded belts
- Restocked Sourpuss Misfits & Sparrow cardigans
- Restocked Sourpuss Rockababy infant one pieces
- Restocked Sourpuss Mary of Kitsch girls' tees

Visit our booth at these upcoming events:

Johnny Cash Tribute Festival - Ventura, CA - June 19th
East Coast Derby Extravaganza - Feasterville, PA - June 25th-27th
Chicago Body Expo - Chicago, IL - June 25th-27th
The Hootenanny - Orange County, CA - July 3rd
Warped Tour - Camden, NJ - July 16th
Warped Tour - Oceanport, NJ - July 18th
Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo - Manchester, NH - July 23rd-25th
Rat Fink Party (Kustom Kulture) - Acton, CA - July 24th
Visionary Tattoo Expo - Asbury Park, NJ - July 30th-Aug 1st
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