📚 The Ultimate Edgar Allan Pie Gift Guide! 📚

📚 The Ultimate Edgar Allan Pie Gift Guide! 📚

Quoth the Raven, Nevermore! 

Are you a die hard Edgar Allan Poe fan? Maybe your bestie, partner, or family member is? Whoever it is, we'll be your one stop shop for all your Poe favorites!


Wear Sir Edgar Allan Poe loud and proud on your shirt! Sizes S-M-L-2X are left! Pair it with practically everything and anything! 

Read My Lip Balm - The Raven in Chilling Peppermint!! Winter is here, keep those lips moisturized! It's a perfect stocking stuffer! 

Speaking of stocking stuffers! Theses little accessories willl having you gasping! The Edgar Allan Poe hairpins will be the finishing touches on your holiday hair look! The set of three features a raven, a skull and one that read "Nevermore" which could totally also be used as a reference to the new Wednesday series also!  Put the Deadgar Allan Poe  pin (Get it? Deadgar? Because hes dead!)  from Footclothes on everything and anything! Jackets/Bags/Collars you name it! 

This has been a best seller ALL YEAR ROUND! This Edgar Allan Poe mini flowerpot is perfect for your little plants, living or DEAD. He looks pretty dang good on a bookshelf if I do say so myself. 

Say alittle prayer for Saint Edgar Allan! Or just light him up when you want to spruce up the room! Buy him here! 

I mean really who doesn't love an amazing pair of SOCKS as a gift? Keep those little toesies while tapping at chamber doors.  These Edgar Allan Poe socks from Footclothes are super soft and cushy! On side of the sock features the poet LIVING, and the other DEAD. 

Grab all of these goodies for you Poet Poe lover in your life! 

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