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I am SO excited to tell you all that our rugs are BACK! They're spooky, they're adorable, and they go in any room of the house! Take your haunted aesthetic to the next level with the Planchette Rug or maybe the versatile Spiderweb rug! You do not want wait on these, they go FAST! 





Not your average Valentine's Day Card

Not your average Valentine's Day Card

Ahhhh Valentine's Day.... It all starts with elementary school, picking out the coolest valentines to hand out to the class. I haven't given up that tradition! I still need thee BEST V-day cards you can find. I'm not sure about you.. but I'm so sick of the typical drug store Valentines day cards. They're all the same! They are either super mushy, or suuuuuper cheesy. Grab a card from us and impress your partner, or pal! Friends deserve cute valentine's cards too. 

Check it out! :


Hey, Hot Stuff! Cozying up in the winter with a scorching hot bowl of ramen is probably one of my favorite past times. Let your little hottie know how you really feel with this card! It's blank inside so you can write about just how hot they really are. 

Hey, Hot Stuff Greeting Card


Daaaarling, You're Divine! This hot pink greeting card makes a statement! Let your favorite KWEEN know just how fabulous they are! The inside is empty so you totally have the choice of filling it with filthy nonsense or funny nonsense. 

Smitten Kitten You're Divine Greeting Card

Let's do nothing together... forever!  This card is something I can get behind! Winter time is here and ALL I want to do is stay in and snuggle up and do absolutely nothing. And honestly? Not only would I get this card for my partner but I would get it for my gal pals as well! Inside is blank to express just how much of nothin' you wanna do with them! 


Hasta la Muerte! 'Till Death! Grab this sugar skull inspired card and let your corazon know that you'll love them till your dying day! It's truly a work of art and could totally be framed for long times sake! This beauty comes blank inside for you to write your sweetest words. 


I'm just a Poe boy, nobody loves me! Honestly???? This card can go so many ways! 1. For the Edgar Allan Poe fan 2. For the Queen fans 3. You could write inside the card "BUT I LOVE YOU!" This card can be used for anyone in your life! 



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Books to kick off 2022!

Books to kick off 2022!

Can you even believe... the new year starts in TWO DAYS?! For me, after Labor Day, the rest of the year just flies on by.  It's one thing after the other and time doesn't seem stop! Once winter rolls around... it's my time to chill.. literally. I'm a big ol' couch and bed potato. I grab my coffee or tea, grab my robe and snuggle underneath the covers with a book. Here's a few to to kick off the start of the new year. 

First up, is probably the most important for someone like me. Rather than dive into a book, grab this book to organize your life and avoid "freak outs." I'm scatter brained, so a book like this helps get my life in order. The activity book addresses a different topic each month including anxiety, depression, anger and addiction. Not to mention has a mood and period tracker!  I'm grabbing one of these ASAP. 

Unf*ck Your Year by Faith G. Harper

Witch, Please!! Where are my modern witches at!? First of all... Sonia Lazo needs a gold medal. Not only is this an actual bible for modern witches but she illustrated this absolutely gorgeously. This book offers advice and guidance to modern mystics all over the world. Witch, Please is proof that anyone can tap into their inner magic—all you have to do is be true to yourself! 

Witch, Please by Sonia Lazo

Think you can handle it? I don't know if I can but I sure as heck will give it a shot. You tryna Summon Spirits and chill? Grab your pals and this book to get started. It features the scariest games from around the world including ones you probably forgot from your childhood: Bloody Mary & Light as a feather.. stiff as a board. Even thinking about them freaks me out. Follow each game step by step, who knows what it'll bring. Happy 2022 :B 

Dangerous Games to Play in the Dark by Lucia Peters



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End of Year Blow Out Sale!!

End of Year Blow Out Sale!!

The Sourpuss End of Year sale starts today!

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