I hope you marked your calendars Ghouls!! Mothers Day is THIS Sunday here in the U.S. & if you didn't it's okay, don't fret! There's nothing wrong with a delayed gift! Or..... maybe you, yourself are a spooky mom! Treat yo SELF! You DESERVE IT. After all, you birthed a human! 

Being a Mom is tough work, finding a gift for your spooky mom shouldn't be. So we're here to give you our top 10 Sourpuss Mother's Day gifts

Image by @halloweenherbivore

1. Kitchen boards! Does your mom love to cook? Maybe she likes to entertain? Prep or serve up your favorite meals with our haunted kitchen boards! We have SO many different designs, there's bound to be one that has your mom's name written all over it. Pictured above is two of our fan favorites! The Spiderweb Kitchen Board and the Luna Bats Kitchenboard

(Sourpuss Mummy Mug)

2. Mugs! Honestly, who doesn't love a good mug?! As a mom myself, I need about a minimum of 3 cups of coffee a day. Between work, and mom life!? The struggle is real! Coffee, Tea, Lattes you name it... I bet your mom drinks it! Pictured above is our adorable Mummy Mug. We have so many haunted mugs to choose from, you can find them here


(Top picture by: @_creepy_sweets_ of the Lust for Skulls Oven Mitt & Pot Holder, Bottom picture: Miss Bones Oven Mitt Set)

3. Oven Mitts & Pot Holders! Baking and cooking Moms are the best. There's nothing like going to see mom and having dinner made for you with love 😍. Treat her to a new set of oven mitts and pot holders. They are little gifts that go a long way! 

(Sourpuss Dishes Dish Towel)

4. Dishtowels! I mean..... come on... How could I not include this hilarious dish towel in our top 10?! Our "Dishes Dish Towel" will have your guests ROLLING. Tell me with a straight face your mom has never said this to you! This belongs in every mom's kitchen because IT'S FACTS. We also have dishtowels that say, "Eat Sh*t & Die" and "Clean Up Your Mess, Asshole." All of them sport a vintage design, with no exactly the spookiest design, but the funniest of messages. 


5. Magnets! Our newest Sourpuss item has made the Mother's Day gift guide! These are absolutely perfect for the fridge to hang your kid's best artwork, calendar, or pictures! They feature some of our fav designs and are sturdy as heck, we don't do filmsy magnets over here!! 🤣 Shop them here! 

(@TheRealBahamaMama with our Studs & Web Hobo Purse)

6. Purses! I know you were waiting for me to mention this one!! Of course us mamas would LOVE a new purse! This Sourpuss Studs and Web Hobo Purse is my personal favorite. Between lugging my laptop, diapers, and snacks for the whole family, this bag holds it ALL! Plus, its sooo cute and pairs so well with basically every outfit!! 


(Sourpuss Furry Pillows)

7. Pillows! After a long day of being a functioning human, I can't wait to hop into bed or my couch and snuggle up. I know a lot of y'all can relate to that! Our new furry pillows are the best addition to make cozy time that much better (and cuter 😉). Mother's Day is the perfect time to gift one or all of them to your favorite mom! 

(Sourpuss Anatomical Skull Candle)

8. Candles! This has been my go to Mother's Day gift since I was old enough to buy my mom a gift! Who doesn't love a candle? It's the perfect way to set the mood and wind down after a stressful day. We have lots of different candles to choose from! Whether you're choosing strictly for visuals, scent, or somewhere in between there's a perfect candle for every spooky home! 

(@a.goldfire.inside and Dr. Katz wearing Sourpuss Jinx The Cat Robe)

9. Robes! Let's face it, we don't always have the time to hit the spa and get that massage and facial combo we've been lusting after. Bring the spa to you starting with a warm fluffy robe, grab your favorite face mask, and bath bomb! This is my favorite way to spend my Sundays. In fact, most of my days at home are spent in this very robe! I would be ecstatic to receive this as a gift! 


10. Stickers! I know, know, seems silly. But they're 1. Inexpensive and 2. I can garuntee your mom has some stickers on her water bottle, or laptop! Our stickers are spooky as they are funny. Grab the "Too Old to Die Young" for Mom if you really want to get a laugh! They're a funny, and cute add on to your Sourpusss order!


To all the mothers out there! I mean ALL mothers. Happy Mother's Day!

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