Top 5 Gifts for your Vegan Pals!

Top 5 Gifts for your Vegan Pals!

Lets face it, whether your vegan for the animals or plant based for your diet... A lot of people art converting to a meat and dairy free diet! Even if you are a carnivore, the vegan diet gives you an opportunity to get little creative with your vegetables. 


Let your whole kitchen know LOUDLY, PROUDLY and adorably that you're indeed, Vegan AF. Our kitchen set comes with an oven mitt, pot holder and apron so you or your BFF can go hard in the kitchen. 

Haaaaaail Seitan! Said every Vegan everywhere. Seitan is a STAPLE in a vegan kitchen. Our Hail Seitan kitchen board is perfect for prepping your meat free meals in style. It's under $20 bucks and makes the perfect gift! 

What Is A Vegan? By Drew Miele is the perfect book for your vegan friend's kids! An awesome introductory for kids to learn why and what a vegan truly is. Did we mention when you purchase this book 100% of our profits from the sale will be donated to Young Moms Chester County? Which is a local group that inspires and equips young moms to build thriving futures for themselves and their families. How awesome is that? 

Tofu.... The O.G. in the vegan/vegetarian world. Surprisingly the carnivores hate on this one quite a bit but it's definitely the most versatile! Tofurkey, asian dishes, tofu scramble... you name it! I know I'm a true "Tofu Addict." Get this adorable pin by Punky Pins for the tofu lover in your life. 

    Lastly! There's always room for cook books. Ever hear of a Heavy Metal Vegan cookbook? I bet you, you haven't! Say Hello to Asbjorn Intonsus' "Please Don't Feed the Bears" vegan cook book. The best part? Each recipe in the book is paired with a metal song to listen to while you cook. It doesn't get much better than that! 

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