Reports are in! All of you ghouls bought some really amazing stuff, but here's what y'all are REALLY are loving this week! 

#5. Being the restocked favorite bath mat!! The Big Bat Bath Mat, which to be honest, doesn't need to ONLY be used as a bath mat... the possibilities are ENDLESS. You could also use it in the kitchen in front of the sink, or in the entryway of your haunted home! 

#4. Every Day is Halloween Joggers Coming in HOT! These joggers have flying off the shelves, with leaving just XS left! Want to see more jogger styles? Let us know in the comments below!

#3. We coulda' called this one... The Classic Halloween Curtain is the only way to decorate your all year long spooky bathroom! There's nothing better than black cats, skulls, spiderwebs, bats, and cute lil pumpkins! Not to mention, our shower curtains make amazing backdrops for photoshoots! 

#2. LUNA BATS HI LO DRESS! This dress didn't get a real introduction.... YET! But we knew this dress would get so much love! Grab one of these beauties before they're gone, we've got a feeling they're gonna go QUICK! 

  #1. Comes as no surprise... the LUNA BATS FLEECE FULL SIZE BLANKET! I mean, it's soft, its cozy, and it's GIANT. We totally get why this came in first! 


Love our top 5 best sellers?! We do too, don't forget to take advantage of the free shipping happening until 10/7 on all domestic orders over $100! 

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