Sourpuss Raglan Dresses: Your New Go-To for Spooky Style AND Comfort!

Sourpuss Raglan Dresses: Your New Go-To for Spooky Style AND Comfort!

Allow me to introduce you to two hauntingly delightful dresses featuring the pinup artwork of artist Larissa Romaszkiewicz (@larissapinupart), who is known for her fetish, mid-century, and burlesque inspired artwork!

Sourpuss Queen of the Jungle Raglan Dress
The Queen of the Jungle dress, a nod to the fierce spirit of mid-century pinup models, is adorned with a captivating pinup girl and a regal leopard, drenched in red, gold, and black. It's the perfect ensemble for asserting dominance, whether amidst the concrete jungle or the shadows of the night.

Sourpuss Spooky Pinup Raglan Dress
And then, there's the Spooky Pinup dress, a bewitching blend of vintage allure and midnight mischief. With its black, pink, and cream palette and a flurry of bats surrounding a mysterious pinup girl, think: vintage vixen meets midnight madness. Slip into this garment and prepare to command attention, from moonlit soirees to gloomy gatherings.

In a world where darkness reigns supreme, comfort is key, and these dresses offer just that. So, whether you find solace in the depths of the cemetery or venture into the unknown, remember to do so with style, grace, and just a hint of eerie charm. Stay wicked!

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