Surrrrrrrprise! We are giving you 20% off all Sourpuss Brand Bags & Purses! So that Rude Tombs Coffin Purse you've had your eye on.... now's the time to grab it! Grab one for you, one for your best ghoulfriend and take advantage of the sale!! 

Coffin Purses are a customer FAV! Our Rude Tombs Coffin Purse features the most perfect shape, with plenty of room to store all the essentials. The little headstones read cute little sayings like, "Drop Dead," "Plz Die" and "Eat Dirt."


For a witchy OOTD, we paired the Rude Tombs Coffin Purse with the Black & White Peter Pan Collar Dress, our recently restocked Lively Ghosts Black Veil Hat, and a new arrival from Strangecvlt, The Lydia Web Heart Flats!

The bag we seriously can NOT get enough of... The Luna Bats Duffel Bag! Headed on a trip? Going to the gym? Maybe you need to head to the laundromat?! Go head with your BAT SELF! Grab the Duffel bag for 20% off now with code "SOURPURSE" at checkout! 

A Sourpuss staff pick would definitely have to be the Hobo Purses! The Studs & Webs Hobo Purse is the ultimate everyday purse that you will instantly fall in love with! It's big enough for your laptop, makeup bag, and let's not forget.... your snacks! Comes in the Studs & Webs (pictured above) & Luna Bats (pictured below)! 


To shop all of our amazing bags and purses, Click here!!! You won't want to miss out! 

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