Holiday Exchanges and Returns!

Were you gifted the most incredible present but the sizing was wrong (or any other variety of reasons)? Here is a handy dandy guide for your return and exchange needs this post holiday season.

Items ordered in November will be extended beyond our usual 30 day return period to be accepted through the end of January. Head to our returns page to find out if your item qualifies. Here you'll also find out how to ship back your item to us. Once you've read through all of the instructions you can use our printable return form to help expedite your return.

Using this form, please fill out your name and order # if you have it. Indicate your reason for return, as well as what items you'd like to exchange for. Once received we'll reach out to you for further information as needed

Have any questions on available stock or about the fit of an item? Email Katjanna at

Not finding what your looking for right now? We also offer store credit in exchange for the items gifted to you that you wish to return. 

Items being returned will be refunded the same way they were paid for. If you used a Visa Gift Card or other card that cannot be used again, a store credit will be issued. Items without order receipt will be valued at their current listed price. 

Feel free to email us with any further questions!

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