Gifts for your stoner brother ;)

Gifts for your stoner brother ;)

Okay... it doesn't have to be your brother. Let's be real, the amount of people who smoke Mary Jane these days is off the charts! You could potentially gift them the obvious, but why not get a little creative with your gift giving? We've come up with a couple of gift ideas the devil's lettuce smoker will enjoy and get a good kick out of. 
I stand behind the fact that... socks?! Might actually be the best gift ever. They're certainly USEFUL.... and while they're useful they also can be ADORABLE. How about these Socks by Gumball Poodle? The colors, the style, and the message pretty much say it all. Keep your toesies warm at home where your weed is.

Reefer Madness Pen Set
I'm not going to lie... I definitely LOL'd at these pens. With sayings like, "Can't buy happiness but can buy cannabis," you'll be sure to make your stoner friend or family member laugh. They make the perfect stocking stuffer! 

The Stoner Babes Coloring Book
Spark up and get your coloring on. This coloring book has 60 pages of psychedelic babes that you can color in with your imagination. Gift it for yourself or for a pal and get creative! 

Sourpuss Coffin Stash Box
So this isn't the most OBVIOUS ganja lover gift, but that's the whole point... right? This coffin shaped stash box is for the spooky weed smoker who needs a place store their goods! 
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