Black Dresses Never Go Out Of Style!

Black Dresses Never Go Out Of Style!

I don't know about you, but for me personally, the easiest thing for me to wear and look somewhat put together- is a black dress! You can dress them up, down, and accessorize exactly how you like. 

Sourpuss Black Hi-Lo Dress

My go to outfit with a black dress is cowboy boots, a belt, and a denim jacket. I can run errands (we all know I mean get an iced coffee and go to target) plus, I can make a few changes and wear it to date night! 

Sourpuss Black Stevie Dress worn by @hellcait

It's so easy and effortless to pair a plain black dress with a harness or belt and completely change up the vibe. Whether you decide to go with big hoops, small graphic studs, or a big statement necklace, the possibilities are endless! 

Sourpuss Pinafore Dress worn by @thedizzydoll 

Our Pinafore Dress is one of my favorite and most versatile pieces. You can pair this dress over many different types of tops, cardigans, and even dresses for a layered cottage core aesthetic. 

No matter which black dress you decide to go with, accessories are always a must. We have tons of new belts, harnesses, necklaces, bralettes, and much more waiting to be styled to your liking! Check them out here


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