Gift Guide for the Morbidly Curious

We've all got that one friend. You know, the one who shops for year round home decor during the Halloween season; the one who wouldn't be caught dead in anything but black; who definitely has brought home a skull or random unknown bones from a walk through the woods (oh wait. Are YOU that friend?)! Regardless, we think you'll find A LOT on our website to gift to those who love the dead more than the living. Here are some of our top staff picks to impress your morbid friends this spooky creepmas season: Top Gifts for the Morbidly Curious 1. My Other Ride Is A Hearse Air Freshener 2. Rogue + Wolf Sinbook (Notebook & Diary) 3. Sourpuss Coffin Curio Shelf 4. These Are Things Skull Keychain 5. Sourpuss Death Cab Bad Girl Scarf 6. Skull Incense Cone Holder 7. Killstar Deathless Church Candle 8. Sourpuss Bloody Throw Blanket Still not sure? There's more where these came from!
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