Take it Sleazy with new Kustom Kreeps Tees!

What's up sleazeballs? Need some new apparel? Prove it. We've stocked up on these 2 new Kustom Kreeps tee's that are kinda a must have for every hard drinking, knife wielding, shaka-throwing, wolf-whistling dirtbag out there. Skull mugs, the devil, fancy drinks, flames, bats, lightning bolts...look. This one's kinda got everything you need. Say aloha (goodbye) to your crappy old T's, and say aloha (hello) to this new winner from Kustom Kreeps. Not enough for ya? Well, then how's about you pop your peepers onto this sleazy creep? Fez wearing, martini slurping, knife wielding, coin-flipping weirdos rejoice: there's finally a shirt that has all of your bases covered.
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