Come say 'Hi!' to Your Sourpuss friends at these Upcoming Trade Shows!

Trade show season is officially upon us! Time to mark you calendars and join us at these shows to see the latest and greatest with Sourpuss and Kustom Kreeps! First up is the Halloween and Party Expo this weekend in New Orleans! We all know Halloween is our favorite holiday around here! Our Halloween lines have been iconic and have a massive social media following so we're excited to bring you more spookiness you know and love!Our annual trip to Las Vegas is coming up in early February as we introduce our Spring and Summer 2020 lines at Vegas Edge! The premier alternative apparel and accessories show, Vegas Edge is happening alongside Magic so buyers can make the most out of their buying experience. We'll of course be taking a trip to London Edge next month too! We're excited to show our European friends the latest in Sourpuss apparel, accessories and housewares! We can't wait to see you at the shows!
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