Are You A Deadly Beauty?

Florals are timeless. But this isn't your ordinary garden. This garden is full of whimsical plants such as Venus Flytraps, Deadly Nightshade, Oleander and Hemlock. Don't be fooled by the brilliant colors and stunning beauty, they have a dark side and if you can relate, you might want to check out our Deadly Beauties Collection! Introducing our Deadly Beauties Sophia Dress! This beautiful, botanical swing dress boasts a full, generous skirt, sweetheart neckline, adjustable straps and deep pockets. And if that wasn't enough, a colorful print of deadly plants and flowers throughout that's sure to turn heads- in the best ways possible! Designed for us exclusively by artist Lekit Im, this print is is both beautiful and dangerous! We loved it so much we decided to create our Deadly Beauties Sweets Skirts with plenty of fabric and vintage style that will go with your favorite pinup tops! If you're looking for one, we recommend our new Ramona Top in black to go with and highlight this skirt! With so many bright and bold color choices, it's so easy to accessorize. We recommend the vintage charm and bright color of our Green Jinx Floozy Purse to emphasize the flora of the print. And perhaps our Black Rhinestone Cat Eye Sunglasses too if you're out and about to coincide with those vintage vibes!Bring a little bit of the garden inside with our Deadly Beauties Shower Curtain! Think of this shower curtain as a hanging garden in the spa of your dreams! All the beauty minus the toxicity! Black rings are included for making hanging a breeze!You can find these deadly beauties online now! We enjoy your photos so keep posting lovelies, #sourpussclothing!
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