Johanna's Top Ten Holiday Party looks!

It's been a while since we did a must-have list for the holidays, and I'm ready!! This list is comprised of styles that are not only stylish, beautiful and functional, they're COMFORTABLE too. Because if you're like me, you spend most of the holidays either stuffing your face with cookies and treats, or you're imbimbing on some sweet delicious cocktails. But never eggnong, eggnog is the devil's nectar. (Don't @ me.) Anyway, without further ado, here is my list of the top ten holiday looks that you can purchase on the Sourpuss site RIGHT MEOW.

1. Sourpuss Holly Bats Sophia dress

Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why this is at the top of the list. It's literally one of the best holiday prints we've ever made, and even the most grinchiest babes find it appealing! It has a faux fur trim at the bust and hem, because everyone loves fuzzy things, and IT. HAS. POCKETS. I don't know about you, but for me, this is crucial. I hate carrying purses at parties. There's no easy way to dance with a purse, and this way you have your hands free for more snacks! And you can put a few treats to take home in there, we're not judging. And while this dress doesn't have much stretch, it's cut in a way that it won't be crushing your ribcage and cinching your waist too tight. It's magical.

2. Sourpuss Plaid Moto jacket paired with the Sourpuss On the Prowl dress in black

Ok, so I like a good layered look for more casual holiday events, and this one is as "cool Christmas" as it gets. The plaid moto jacket is made out of the most stunning and holiday appropriate tartan, with a full black satin lining. Add all of your christmas themed pins and patches and you're good to go all season! Paired with the On the Prowl dress, you're ready for that holiday office party or happy hour. The On the Prowl dress is made out of a SUPER stretchy knit, so it's comfortable to wear day-to-night, and the special stylized sleeves look amazing peeking out from under the jacket!!

3. Hell Bunny Madonna dress

I fell in love with this beautiful dress as soon as it arrived in our warehouse, and can you blame me? It's got just the right amount of "fancy" and it's perfect year round, not just for the holidays. Those sacred hearts aren't just embroidered, they're actually VELVET, to match the perfect velvet bow. The fit is roomy and comfortable, not too constricting, annnnd it has pockets.

4. Sourpuss Red Rose Polo Dress

red rose polo dress If you haven't snagged yourself one of our Polo dresses yet, you've been missing out! I love this dress for a holiday party because it's subdued yet stunning, and you'll look snazzy as f*ck in it. It looks amazing on literally every body type, and for tall gals it's not so short that you'll get a call into HR the morning after your holiday party, and for short ladies like myself, it doesn't look like you're wearing a potato sack. It's the perfect length. The fabric is a soft and stretchy pique knit, but it's also got some structure so it will look crisp and perfect all day/night.

5. Smak Parlour Babe Revolution Green Velvet dress

smak parlour babe revolution dress green velvet I'm a sucker for velvet, and when it's a special type of velvet like this gorgeous rose embossed green velvet, my heart starts to flutter! This perfectly prim collared dress is great for any holiday occasion, and because it's velvet you know it's stretchy and comfortable! AND it has pockets. (I'm sensing a theme here.) I love it because since it's short sleeved, it's great for all climates, and the length is a perfect above-the-knee. A definite must!

6. Sourpuss Deer Me Sweets dresses

I mean... I feel like I don't even need to say anything about these dresses, because they basically do all the talking themselves. That print. That silhouette. THOSE POCKETS. It literally has the word SWEET in it's name. This entire look could melt the heart of a million Ebenezer Scrooges. That is all, I have spoken.

7. Sourpuss Deer Me Sweets skirts paired with Red or Black Ramona tops

deer me skirt cinnamon deer me skirt pineblack ramona top We just got our new Ramona tops in stock, and they are just the thing to pair with our adorable Deer Me Sweets skirts. They're a little longer in length so they tuck in nicely without creating bulk (which is a personal pet peeve of mine) and the waistbands on the Sweets skirts aren't too tight. Even though the skirt fabric is not stretchy, it must be made of magical fibers because somehow there is some give, so it won't be super tight and you can breathe in it. Which is important when you're attending your 500th holiday dinner of the season. (and they have pocketssssssssssssssss)

8. Wax Poetic Red Rose Raquel dress with 3/4 sleeves

Here's another style that's great for the holidays without being in your face "holiday" themed. The Raquel dress is made out of a ridiculously soft brushed knit (and SUPER STRETCHY!) that you might just want to sleep in. It's that comfortable. Basically it's the perfect eating dress too, because there's no waist seam, so nothing to prevent you from making that third trip to the chocolate fondue fountain. Or the cheese mountain. That's a thing, right? If it isn't it should be. I like cheese... Sorry, I got sidetracked. Anyway, not only is it comfy, it's beautiful too. The red rose print is super saturated and really pops, and the 3/4 sleeves give it just the right amount of sophistication and polish!

9. Sourpuss Plaid Mini skirt paired with Barbed Wire Rose cropped tee

When you think of holiday party looks, cropped tees and mini skirts might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but I'm all about doing something different! Not only is this entire look great for the holidays, it's great year-round too. The new plaid mini has studded faux leather on the front and back pockets, and as you can see, belt loops that are big enough to fit your favorite studded belt (very important!). The Barbed Wire cropped tee is made out of a slightly heavier weight knit and it's ultra cozy, perfect for layering under a cardigan or jacket. Round out the outfit with a pair of fishnets or thermal tights, your favorite pair of boots and you're ready for any holiday gathering!

10. Black Velvet mesh v-neck dress paired with Harlow Leopard Coat

black velvet mesh v neck dress harlow coat All of these looks have been great, but I think I might have saved the best for last. It doesn't get any more extra than our Harlow Leopard Coat. If you want to make an entrance at your next event, then this is THE piece you need in your closet. It's fluffy, it's warm, and it's dramatic as hell. OF COURSE it has pockets, it would be blasphemy without them. Pair this with our Velvet Mesh v-neck dress, and you'll be the belle of every ball. The queen of every castle. As it should be.   That's all for this edition of the top ten, be sure to tag us on social media with whatever look you choose! Happy Holidays! xoxo, Johanna      
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