All The Kitschy & Weird Ornaments Are At Sourpuss!

Looking to decorate your tree with unique ornaments that perfectly capture your quirky personality? Our Holiday Shop is now open and we have a plethora of amazing baubles to choose from! Whether you're a Halloween all year round kinda person, a foodie, a lover of rock, or just appreciate the cute and kitschy - we got you! Creepy Ornaments (above) from l to r: Horrornaments Coffin Ornament | Krampus Ornament Gray | Horrornaments Gone Batty Ornament | Krampus Head Ornament | Horrornaments Stack O' Jacks Foodie ornaments (from l to r): Whiskey Bottle Ornament | True Love Pizza Ornament | Fried Chicken Ornament | Steak Ornament Rock N' Roll Ornaments (from l to r): Magical As F*ck Rainbow Ornament | Amy Winehouse Ornament | Cigarettes Ornament | Freddie Ornament | Pink Electric Guitar Ornament Cute 'N Kitschy Ornaments (from l to r): Cutest Critters Kitty Ornament | Toasted Marshmallow Ornament Yellow | Baby Elephant Ornament | Vintage Camera Ornament | Kitschy Deer Ornament
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