We're Slashing Prices for Friday the 13th!

It's a full moon tonight. AND it's Friday the 13th. So like, what...are we NOT gonna have a sale? OF COURSE WE ARE. Now until 9/16 use code: SLASHER ( 1 word • all caps • retail only • not retroactive • doesn't combine • not valid on Demonia, Scratch + Dent Items, or Gift Certificates) at checkout and cut 20% Off your order! Get to shopping...before it's too late! Holy hell. Candy corn flats? CANDY CORN FLATS! We know the candy is not for everyone, but c'mon...these are Halloween as heck, and if you're shopping at our site, Halloween IS for you. Halloween and Surprises go hand in hand like....well. I couldn't think of an analogy of two things that go more together. So there's no way you're not gonna be smitten with these new Keshi Surprise! blind boxes featuring adorable versions of all your favorite Universal monsters! Technically they're only blind boxes since you can't see into them. Which: maybe if you had X-Ray glasses, that would be less an issue? Definitely would be cheating, though. Not cheating? Wearing an X-Ray glasses print Sweets Dress or Cropped Cardigan, both in stock, both perfect for chilly fall nights.
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