Things Are Starting to get SPOOOOOKY at Sourpuss!

You know, in theory as opposed as we are to holiday creep, there's no way we're not gonna falling trap to the early onset of Halloween. Especially since right now we're absolutely SWIMMING in new spooky, Sourpuss goodness! From the bright orange smirks of our form fitting, stretchy, Batty Pumpkin Skater dresses to the grim darkness of our Luna Bats Keyhole dresses these new prints are absolutely screaming Fall and even more so Halloween. As perfect for that season in theme as they are in cut and material for summer there's no way you wanna sleep on getting your claws sunk into this new selection. Oh. And besides the dresses, we're also stocked up on new, creepy leggings. Creatures, Death's Head Moths, and Jack O Lanterns oh my. These stretchy lil guys, paired up with your favorite sweater or hoodie are gonna be a must for chilly nights hanging out in graveyards, participating in arcane rituals, or whatever else you plan on as the most spectral season approaches. Treats and Creatures, treats and creatures, treats and creatures. If there's a better combo that typifies the best holiday of the year, we don't wanna know about it.
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