10 Days. 10 Deals. Sourpuss' 10 Days of Summer is Here!

10: Days! 10: Sourpuss Favorites!! 10: 50% Off Deals!!! For the next 10 days (Starting June 27th), we'll be featuring a ridiculous discount on a favorite Sourpuss item. But that item within the 24 hours when the deal is going on it? Get it for 50% off.  That's literally half. 'But how will I know what's going on sale each day?' Fair question. Just check back on the front of the Sourpuss site, or, bookmark + pop over to this post daily, where we'll have the product listed and linked! No codes will be needed, but: don't wait. These steals are first come, first served, and only valid for 24 hours, or before stuff sells out! Today's deal? A very fun one to say out loud: The Monster Tiki String Bikini! From now until tomorrow (July 6th) only, snag one for 50% Off!
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