A Last Minute Gift Certificate Sale just in tine for Mother's Day!

You're gonna wanna hear my words, what they mean, what they say. Right now, all you procrastinators out there are in luck. Because not only is: A.) Mother's Day right around the corner, but B.) if you DIDN'T get a gift for your mother yet (no judgement...we're running behind too), well, you're in luck! Because you can snag her the gift that everyone is happy to get: Sourpuss gift certificates. Let her pick out the thing she REALLY wants, and you get to fund it! And right now, all gift certs are 20% off with code: MOTHER at checkout (thru 5/12 • one word • all caps • retail customers only • not retroactive). So like...you could wait til EVEN closer to the last minute: but why would you? Or maybe you're taking the time and actually picking out just the right thing. If you're stuck, let us help with a BUNCH of good ideas right HERE in our Mama Gang section! A handcrafted list of some of our favorite mom-ready gifts all in one convenient spot. Got a bookish mom, or one who's immersed in pinup culture? Maybe both? Well, have we got good news for you. BOOKS!
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