Entangled in Spiderwebs at Sourpuss!

April showers bring May flowers and you know what else those flowers bring? Bugs! But don't fret we have our spider friends to take care of those pesky creepy crawlies and don't those gorgeous webs take your breath away? Us too so we put spiderwebs on all our favorite things! How lovely does @siljasailor look with our Spiderweb Parasol?!We're not in the clear for summer yet, there's still a little chill in the air and our Spiderweb Cropped Cardigans are just what we need to block it! Our new pastel pink version is a spring dream with it's beautifully embroidered spiderwebs, pearl buttons and accent lace on the sleeves. And yes, our classic black as been re-stocked too! You'll be entangled in webs for days with our Spiderweb Dolly Dress! This flowy, easy to wear 90's style baby doll dress is perfect for spring with it's dainty spiderweb overlay, customizable side ties and adjustable straps. We think they look amazing with a wide belt too! Best part? They're on sale now!Our highly anticipated Spiderweb Floozy Purses are finally here! We have a feeling these are going to fly out of here so if you're looking for the perfect glampire purse, this is it! Our Floozy purse received one wicked webbed makeover complete with all over web embroidery and colorful glitter vinyl bows! Available in silver, pink and red! If you love these purses, we're sure you're going to like our new Webbed Widow Purses! We've added spiderwebs, spiders and studs to this vintage inspired purse to add a little bad girl touch! And the glitter vinyl is to die for! Available in silver, pink and red!We've got great spiderweb accessories to go with your favorite outfits. You'll love the spider back seam on our Spider & Web Knee Socks! Beat the heat with our Spiderweb Fan! How cute is our Spiderbaby Chain Pins? They make great cardigan and dress clips don't you think?For our friends in the southern hemisphere heading into winter, check out our Spider & Web Knit Hat and Scarf! Keeping you warm for the season and looking good! Simply can't go wrong with the classic black and white spiderweb accents!Want a fun way to spruce up your home while you do some spring cleaning? Our best selling Spiderweb Rugs are both here! Available in the full spiderweb and half versions, these durable rugs will add a little spooky touch to your lair! Our friends @nakedcityclothing know what we mean!You can find these, and much more webbed goodness online now! And of course tag us, #sourpussclothing!
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