Sun's Out, Sunglasses Out.

The seasons are a-changing, and the dim winter sun is behind us. Which, on one hand: GREAT! On the other hand, look...we're all about 1/4 vampire and can't stare at that horrible giant star for too long. Sourpuss is here to help. With our new cat-eye, vintage inspired sunglasses, you can go outside without that oppressive light of the sun burning out your peepers. Available in a bunch of colorways, there's one sure to compliment whatever outfit you have lined up for...sniffing flowers? Whatever you do in the outdoors in the spring. See the whole set HERE! Got a specific pair you want: Well, here's links to them save you a click or 2. Glitter ClearLeopardRed GlossMatte BlackBlack Rhinestone Also: these are Non-Mirrored Plastic, UV400 protective, etc. All the classic sunglass stuff...but non standard? Look at the amazing sunglass bags!
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