It's the Finking Weekend!

It's the Finking Weekend! Today we are paying homage to the original 60's fink monsters, the iconic mascots of all things kustom kulture with a need for speed and face only a mother can love! And you bet we have one bad ass fink collection!Ladies, we have your new favorite car show shirt right here with our new Fink Off Tee! We've slapped our classic 3 eyed fink design on the perfect shade of pink! Pairs well with your favorite pants, skirts or shorts! And if someone doesn't like it, well they can fink off!And if you're loving this green little fellow you'll be amazed by our spectacular Fink Face Shower Curtain! Not only does our tongue out, grinning fink make an appearance front and center but is backed up by an array of flying eyeballs, spiderweb, skulls and googly eyes! Gear heads, this one's a must!Our fink monsters have officially hit the seven seas with our Fink Island Tee! Weather you're sailing the Dead Sea, rockin' with the kraken, or dodging a shark frenzy we're sure our pirate fink will guide your way to the treasure! Our pirate fink is so cool we even put him on our Fink Island Enamel Pin to keep your pin game lookin' fresh!Guys, you're gonna love Death's new finked out makeover with our Kustom Kreeps Grim Kreeper Tee and Hoodie! This scythe wielding fink has one hopped up hearse and is ready to collect souls in hot rod style! Both are comfy 100% cotton and feature front and back graphics! We're sure all eyes will be on you with our Fink Faces Collection, on sale now! These bright and bold green, bulgy eyed, toothy finks are sure to get you noticed! Our Fink Faces Mary Lu Dress is great for spring and summer car shows! Hit the Beach with kustom style on our Fink Faces String Bikini! And have one of the most unique purses around with our Fink Faces Mini Bowler Purse!You can check out these finks and much more online now! We want to see you finking around too so don't forget to tag us, #sourpussclothing& #kustomkreeps!
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