Your Heart Will Skip A Beat: 20% Off Everything at Sourpuss!

Valentine's Day. It often means big, ugly stuffed bears, gas station roses, or mediocre chocolates in big heart shaped boxes. Welp. F*ck that. We're here to offer you something you REALLY want for Valentines day: 20% Off everything at Sourpuss. Skip those BS presents, and get yourself (Or like, a loved one I guess) whatever you want. Just enter code: CUPID at checkout ( 1 word • all caps • retail only • doesn't combine w/ other offers • not retroactive • not valid on Demonia brand items) and you are all set! Hunting for a look for V-day? For sure we can square you away with that. New and restocked  items from Kreepsville 666 for lovers of the macabre are here, along with cute and snide pins from the ever amazing Punky Pins for the perfect accessorization (spell check is telling me that's not a word...shut it, spell check) and last but not least, this heart-button-emlazoned skirt (and more!) from Steady, which couldn't possibly hit the vibe of this holiday any harder on the head. Speaking of perfect accessorization (I KNOW AUTOCORRECT) NOT miss this incredible new jewelry from Wildcat. Here's the deal. They're great. All of them. Ribcages, bugs, planchettes, gothic windows...all in silhouette. Yes please. And they're not the most readily available anywhere else, so why not scoop these up before they're gone! You're gonna be bummed if you miss out. Oh. And dudes. If you are going out this Valentine's day, maybe put in that lil bit of extra effort and shape up that unruly beard before hitting the town with your best gal. It's worth it. Not sure how to do that? You couldn't ask to start off better than with these new balms from Grave Before Shave. That's it. No more ranting. Get outta here.
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