Let Us Die in Grace.

We're destined to leave this plane of existence at some point for the bell tolls for us all. However, how we choose to leave is completely up to us. We're the types to choose the higher road, to die in grace and we've curated an inspiring collection to explore our morbid longing for the afterlife!The photos simply do not do our Die In Grace Shift Dress justice! This mauve dress features an flash of traditional flowers and coffins by artist Ana Pantera to help guide us to our next adventure. This vintage silhouette has a nice a-line skirt, wide wast band and hidden pockets so you'll enter the other side in style!If you love these graphics surely our Die In Grace Tee is right up your alley with it's all seeing eye coffin complete with sacred hearts, flowers and a little delicate reminder to "Die In Grace". Although you may be gone, you're never forgotten with our Memento Mori Tee featuring a traditional rose and dagger design also by the talented Ana Pantera. If you like this tee, check out the Rose and Dagger Enamel Pin!We've all experienced a little rain in our lives but no more! Protect yourself from the elements with serious macabre style with our Pagoda Umbrellas! Although available in multiple colorways and designs, you can't go wrong with classic black. And would you look at those spires? One could say they're to die for...The dead always leave behind mementos to remember them by. Keep these beloved items on display with our Coffin Shelves! Available in black, red, green, purple and our large Coffin Curio Coffin Shelf, you can now keep memories alive and well. Get in touch from beyond with our Planchette Key Holder! Not only does it hold our keys but this is a great way to store your jewelry and other hanging mementos. And if you love this design, summon our Planchette Patch to step up your patch game on the other side!Never laugh as a hearse go by for you may be the next to die! They don't call them stiffs for nothing, it's it's freezing cold in that coffin! We recommend our Hearse Knit Hat for your long dirt nap! Gotta keep those keys for your last ride somewhere, why not with our Hearse Keychain?You're now officially prepared for the afterlife and beyond! All items available online now! Don't forget to tag us before you go, #sourpussclothing!  
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