Stuff For Folks Who HATE Valentine's Day, Too!

Valentine's Day isn't everyone's cup of tea and sometimes the only thing we actually do love about it is hating it! Haters rejoice and check out our collection of anti-Valentine's Day goods to get you ready for the holiday with some laughs! Like with our Nobody Patch, no reason to give the heart so freely am I right?!Do people keep pestering you about getting a Valentine?! Let 'em know where they can go with our cozy, cotton Hell Varsity Jacket! Who says you can't be evil and still look good?! You'll love the directional "Hell" on back, varsity style jacket complete with welt pockets. We're sure if you like this jacket our Hell Patch and Go To Hell Socks might be down your alley too!Sick of that creepy secret admirer always hanging around?! Send 'em a message with our Keep Off Mini Bowler Purse! This purse features a devilishly sultry pinup upon her throne ready to strike those who do not head her warning! And if you love this awesome Sol Rac print as much as we do you can also find it on a scarf, fan, and patch. Now beat it creep!Bad Breakup? Heartbroken? Need to vent?! Now you can say how your really feel with our best selling Candy Hearts Rug! This rug features candy hearts with a special message for your ex and is made from a durable tight loop construction and is made to last... unlike your last relationship!Some things just aren't meant to be and it's best to be honest. Our I Don't Like You Patch is straight to the point and is ready to be put on your favorite jacket, vest or bag!Maybe love isn't in the cards for you but hey, why not celebrate in cheeky style? All styles available online now! Tag us too, #sourpussclothing!
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