Are You Feelin' Stabby?!

Having one of those days where you're well...feeling a little bit stabby?! We totally know what you're going through and we've curated a collection to let everyone know to back off...or else! When you need to make a statement we're sure our embroidered Feelin' Stabbby Oversized Patch does the trick on your favorite vest or jacket!Our Feelin' Stabby Tee let's everyone know to stay out of your way, but with style! This comfy 100% cotton tee looks great with pants and skirts alike for those days when you simply aren't having it!Give others a fair warning and say how you really feel with our Feelin' Stabby Enamel Pin! Slap this pin on your favorite bag, jacket or vest to let folks know you mean business! And if you're feeling extra stabby, you might want to pick up our Switchblade Lust Patch and Pin and Straight Razor Lust Patch and Pin!All items available online now and don't forget, Valentine's Day is right around the corner too so weather you love it or hate it, we've got something for you! Don't forget to tag us, #sourpussclothing!
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