Sourpuss 13 Days of Krampus are Here!

Celebrate the darker side of the holidays with your evil-ish buddies here at Sourpuss! For the next 13 Days, we'll be paying homage to the grand punisher of the naughty, Krampus! How you ask? Well...we aren't throwing folks into a sack, if that's what your thinking. Nope. Instead, each day between now (Dec. 1) and Dec 13, we'll be featuring one item everyday for 50% Off! Clothes, housewares, name it, it MAY be available at gigantic discount. The only catch is you'll have to check back everyday to see what item is being featured! The Final Deal is our uber-comfy: Skull Blanket! • Yesterday's Deal was our awesome On The Prowl dress! • Previous days deals included our:Fink Faces Mini Bowler, Red Plaid Dress Pink Glitter Floozy Purse!, Studded Hobo Purse, Retro Diaper Bag in Black, Naughty Krampus Tee, Rose Garden Cardigan, Rose Camille Purse, Octopus Blanket,  Spooksville shower curtain! • Tomorrow: You'll have to wait and see!  
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