New Favorites from our All Time Favorites!

Hunting for the new perfect LBD for all the miserable holiday parties you're gonna be forced to go to? Welp. Look no further. We're flooded with all the newest styles and cuts from some of our favorite brands. I mean. Just look up there ^^^. So many new styles from Killstar. All in the best color. Pitch f*cking black. See 'em all here. Looking for something elegant, pinuppy, and just...well, perfect? Wax Poetic. We're not even gonna talk about it any more. Still not satisfied? C'mon. Then check out new skirts by Retrolicious, dresses by Jawbreaker (the clothing company, not the band), knit tops by Miss Fortune, velvety holiday-ready perfection from Steady, or like, one of these other 100 amazing folks!
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