Gift Ideas? You bet we've got some f*cking gift ideas.

Need some ideas for a very particular person? Well: we've PROBABLY got something here to help you! Check out the collections we put together below : maybe they'll give you some awesome gift giving ideas! And, if you snag anything on here before 11/23, use code: BLACK at checkout to get 25% Off your order! Bob's Burgers Lover: Got somebody in your life who can't get enough of the burger slinging Belcher clan? Here are some perfect presents for 'em! From Funko Pop toys of everyone's favorite hell-raising daughter to multi-layered burger socks, to pins and prints, we've covered the entirety of BB fandom covered. A Divine Set of gifts. I mean...c'mon. It's a bunch of filthy Divine goodies. What more needs saying? We All ? Elvira: We assume everyone is a diehard fan of the Mistress of the Dark...which, is fine, since we have the best of the best of gifts for anyone into the #1 scream queen of all time. A Very Halloween Holiday Guide: Have a horror nerd handy who needs some killer gifts? These Halloween based ideas are a cut above the rest. From tees and pins, to air fresheners that we are reasonably certain do not smell like blood; all featuring everyone's favorite murderous force of nature Michael Myers; there's something here for every Jamie Lee Curtis out there. Enough With Santa Already: Look. There's plenty of good lil' boys and girls out there getting their just rewards this season. Santa's busy. Let's give him some space, and celebrate the other guy for just a minute with these Krampus-themed gift ideas. A Damn Fine Gift Set: Got someone who just loves cherry pie, Kyle Mclaughlin, cherry pie, gum, owls and surreal and existential horror? We do too. Need a gift for them? We have that.
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