It's That Time: Black Friday Deals are Here at Sourpuss!

The darkest of days is almost upon us. Black Friday. Wanna skip the hassle of trying to bust thru doors at 5AM Friday morning and fist fight someone for whatever you can grab? Us too. So we're kicking off the 'festivities' now. RIGHT NOW. Thru 11/23, get 25% Off your entire order at Sourpuss. Just pop in the code BLACK at checkout (one word • all caps • retail only • not retroactive • doesn't combine w/ other know the deal) and snag all those holiday gifts you've been saving up for, and maybe (and this is just a suggestion) treat yourself to a lil' something with those savings? Just spitballing here. And while you're clicking around, trying to find all the best sh*t on here to stock up on, make sure to check out our new Holiday Shop! All the best seasonal decorations, outfits, and holiday stuff, for people who don't always love the traditional look of the holidays.
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