13 Days of Halloween at Sourpuss! (Update!)

Ghosts are preparing to haunt. Witches are brewing...things. Werewolves are doing whatever they do before a full moon.  And us? We're getting ready for Halloween with 13 days of maniacally discounted Halloween appropriate items! Every day between October 19th and October 31st we'll be offering up 1 mystery item, discounted by 50%! That's basically half, we did the math. Each day just stop by and see what's been marked down...if it's for you: get it quick, because by the next day that discount will be dead. Truly dead, not like: 'Maybe it's gonna rise from it's grave and need brains' dead. No code needed, items will be priced as marked on the site. The crazy deals continue today with our very own Halloween Masks Bowler Purse  for 50% OFF! Grab one now, because just as with the other deals: the clock is ticking. And here's the calendar showing all the other deals we've had on this week! Look at all those chances to save a BUNDLE, if you acted quick enough. Halloween is HERE...don't miss this, or our other  final 1-day-only markdown!  
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