Fall has...Fallen? New Fall favorites are Here, Regardless!

Leaves are getting ready to change, million degree temperatures have just about stopped, we can't stop thinking about candy....all signs that point to Fall is about to pop off! Get ready for the new coolness with all of these seasonally appropriate, f*cking terrific new items from Sourpuss! Jackets, dresses, skirts, and more that are all gonna be staples come Trick or Treat time! See all the new cut & sew amazingness HERE! Need more Halloweeny stuff in your life? OF COURSE YOU DO. We just set up our 'Costume Shop' section, that features a bunch of eminently wearable items perfect for throw together costumes this year! Oh, and our IMMENSE 'This is Halloween' section is a must-visit, too. Creep-o housewares, accessories, and perfectly ghoulish clothing abound over there!
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