Time To Get Spooky!

Listen - I don't care if it's still August. August starts with "au" and so does autumn. Therefore it is basically autumn, which is basically September, which means it's almost October. So it's close enough to Halloween to start getting spooky. You follow my logic? No? I don't care. It's flawless.
So to kick off the celebration - say helloooo to our new Black Cats Shift Dress. It's adorable, flattering, covered in black kitties, and it has pockets. I know, you're sold. So was I. Want something you can wear all the time and no one will question you? (If they do just throw your pumpkin latte at them. It's okay, I give you permission.) Check out our Pumpkin Queen Cardigan - look at those little jack-o-lanterns!
Oh and one more thing - if you think you can handle it. Our Lucy Fur Floozy Dress is back in stock. Go ahead - rejoice.
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