Sourpuss Summer of Cats!

Who hates cats? Nobody!!! We simply can't get enough of them these days. And we've got the purrfect collection of fantastic feline merch to satisfy any cat lover's needs! We're sure @space_door_being would agree! Would you look at these two beauties?! Our Sphynx V Neck Mesh Dress has finally arrived! This bright and bold skater dress features a colorful sphynx cat print that is sure to stand out against the hot pink background! If that's not cute enough, you'll love the mesh panel detail on front and the keyhole button on back! This dress screams crazy cat lady, but in the best way!Looking for a subtle, yet stunningly beautiful way to show your love for these kitties? Look no further than the Sphynx Skater Dress! This black and grey dress makes our darling feline friends pop. Cats and the perfect summer skater dress, what's not to love?!Keep that pin and patch game going strong with our cat pins and patches! Can't go wrong with the classic Cat Face Pin! See double glowing eyes with our Scuzzball Patch! Let 'em know your special with the Cat's Meow Patch. Everyday is Halloween with our Black Cat Pin! Slap these on your favorite vest, jacket or bag to show your support for these majestic little animals!All styles, and so much more, have been officially feline approved and available online right meow! Don't forget to tag us on social media, use hashtag #sourpussclothing like the lovely @that_venomous_bitch and show us how gorgeous you are!
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