Sourpuss' 4th of July Sale Starts Today!

Sure. Fireworks are great! Who doesn't love them (besides like, most dogs and sleeping babies and what not)? But you know what might be an even BETTER way to celebrate this 4th of July? How about a  sitewide sale at Sourpuss?! That'll do. Get 20% Off your ENTIRE ORDER right now thru 07/08, pop in the code FOURTH at checkout (1 word • all caps • retail only • doesn't combine • not retroactive). That's it. Go, grab some of your favorite Sourpuss stuff, and get out there and grill and watch some stuff explode. And what better to save on then our brand new X-Ray Specs Mesh V-neck dress! The perfect summer dress to wear to all the screenings of your favorite 3-D frightful feature films! Or maybe you wanna  just gussy up your favorite sleevelss vest..a must have for all summer looks. Well. Whether for you (or your lil' monsters) we have just an absolute PLETHORA of perfect new patches. See the whole assortment HERE and grab a few of your faves!
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