New Colored Coffin Shelves are Here!

There's no way we were gonna keep these new coffin shelves that we just got in buried for too long. That right there is a coffin joke. No joke, though? How f*cking awesome these new bright-as-heck coffin shelves are! We couldn't get enough of the last ones in classic semi-gloss black, so, we made a whole slew of new colorways on these sturdy, simple, beautiful shelves! Made of solid MDF these boxes aren't big enough to hold actual corpses, but, they'll take the weight of any and all trinkets you wanna throw in 'em for display! See these new ones, and the restocked classics HERE! But hurry up and grab yours now, these flew outta here last time! Also new in this week: Thrillhaus! Not just good, but good enough! Everyones favorite Simpsons-punk inspired  brand is back with a whole slew of new T's. Our current favorite? These 'The Smithers' ones. Also new: these sweet 'Only Band that Matters' T's from Rock, Roll, of our current fave new brands! One last thing! If you've read this far: maybe go ahead and check out the new Sourpuss Backstage Pass. It's a FB fan group that's gonna give you a sneak peek behind the scenes here at ol' Sourpuss, give you first access to special sales, info, and more! Join up: HERE.
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