Save HUGE with our TAXDAY Sale now thru 4/22!

Got some tax return $$$ burning a hole in your pocket? Let us help you. Put that new found cash to use in the most efficient way with our f*cking massive TAXDAY sale! Now thru April 22, just pop in code: TAXDAY (one word • all caps • retail only • not retroactive) at Sourpuss and get 25% Off your entire order! That's it. Easy peasy. Love monsters, tattoos, rock n' roll, knives...basically all the coolest shit, but, also in need of a new handbag? Well. Look no further. We have these new super functional gorgeously bright Bowler bags featuring incredible new art by Sol Rac! Also? New adornments from PunkyPins and Sourpuss graphic tees. Which...aren't something you'd wanna pass up either, probably. See them and everything else new this week HERE!
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